Classrooms are well-equipped, well lighted and very well ventilated
Each classroom from class I to XII is well equipped with a SMART BOARD and TECHNOLOGY ACCELERATED LEARNING.
  Teacher Resource Center supplements the syllabi with PPTs relevant to the lessons under study in the class room environemnt.
Junior Computer Laboratory is equipped with 40 computers, Senior Computer Labratory is equipped with 20 computers.Both the Computer Laboratories offer 1:1 ratio for students.
A Language Lab with the capacity to accomodate 40 students.
A well equipped e- Library with a wide range of Reference Books and interesting fiction and factual reading material supported by Kindle Stations for different age groups.
E-granthalaya is being effectively used.
State d'Art Science laboratories are fully equipped to meet the growing needs of the children
Playgrounds and sports facilities are available inside the school campus