Army Public School Basistha has been observing occasions of National Importance since the time of it's inception. Elaborate and colourful programmes on days of national importance like the Republic Day and Independence Day are conducted to celebrate the spirit of freedom and our pulsating sense of unity, which is there for anyone sensitive enough to feel the pulse of the budding citizens being reared and nurtured by the very deft and capable hands of the faculty of the institution. Students are sensitised towards the significance of festivals, both like Saraswati Puja, Bihu, Christsmas, Deepawali and Durga Puja The school observes every year 'Communal Harmony Week' to facilitate sense of equality, fraternity and unity among its students. The week is marked by competitions like painting, eassy writing,speech presentation, debating and many other colourful programmes

Annual Fest entitled 'Psychedelix' is one major yearly extravaganza of APS Basistha. During the Fest inter-school competitions on Quizzing, Debating, Postrer Making, Crossword Puzzle, Sudoko, Dance, Rock Band Show, etc are organised. to promote healthy competition amongst the youngsters.

Saraswati Puja is another occasion when all the faculty members,and students along with parents enthusiatically seek the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom. Many other occassions are celebrated in APS Basistha at different time periods during a year to promote a culturally rich environment to its wards.