Non Academics

The School has both the Army & Navy wings of NCC.  1 Assam Bn (Army) has an enrolment of 31 boys and 19 girls in the Junior Wing and 11 boys  & 17 girls in the Senior Wing.   48 Naval NCC has an enrolment of 48 boy cadets each in the Junior and Senior Wings.

Army Public School Basistha participated in the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018 as per details given below:

  1. 48 Naval NCC conducted Yoga Day at Cotton College, Guwahati. The Naval NCC cadets of APS Basistha participated and performed different Yoga Asanas.

(ii)  Yoga activities for three schools including APS Basistha, were organised  
by 1 Assam NCC BN at South Point School, Guwahati.  The cadets took   
part in showcasing various Asanas.

  1. Cadets of 48 Assam Naval NCC attended a Junior Division Camp at Amingaon Indoor Stadium, from 10 to 20 Oct 2018.


  1. NCC cadets, both, boys & girls of APS Basistha participated in NCC Camps organised by 1 Assam BN from 09 to 18 Dec 2018, at Transit Camp, Narangi, Guwahati. 
  1. Pushpender Jha  of class IX, a cadet of 1 Assam Bn, participated in the Republic Day Parade, in New Delhi.